Monday, 23 November 2015

Google Maps

Good day to you all and thanks for checking this little informational Blog about our 12 Step Treatment Guide and what's new about it. It has now been completely transformed at the back end making it much quicker and simpler to get around plus a lot of the deadwood that Google needed to see 10 years ago is now totally irrelevant and obsolete so deleted leaving the site quicker smoother and we think a little bit smarter to look at. One of the main new features is the home page premier display (plus all the featured countries displayed) has now been changed and updated to include Google Maps for simpler quicker searching. For example, if you are on the home page and wish to view treatment centres in say Central America then you simply enlarge the map so you can see what centers are listed by the balloons showing within the area you are looking ( Panama, Belize, Nicaragua etc) you get the point. Plus if you have a certain center that you appreciate or simply like then you can now click on the Facebook like button to let others know or simply click the Facebook share to display it on your Facebook page. Please do have a look around and like as many pages as you wish plus do check out the articles submitted and if you think you have an informative bit of work worthy of being shown then get in touch and let us know all about it. Take care and thanks for reading.

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