Monday, 27 January 2014

Nigella Lawson: No action to be taken by the police over drug allegations

Police will take no further action against Nigella Lawson after she admitted taking drugs, Scotland Yard has said. The TV cook made the confession during the trial of her two former assistants - Elisabetta and Francesca Grillo - on fraud charges. They were alleged to have used company credit cards to buy items for themselves, including designer shoes and clothes, but were found not guilty of fraud. The 53-year-old revealed she took the Class A drug cocaine with her late husband John Diamond when he discovered he had terminal cancer, and in July 2010 when she claimed she was the subject of "intimate terrorism" by former husband Charles Saatchi. She also admitted she started using cannabis during the final year of her marriage to Mr Saatchi, which ended last year. drug allegations link

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