Tuesday, 17 April 2012

5 Days to go

So here we are 5 days untill the big day and the 26 point whatever run around London. Finding it pretty strange still not to be going out and doing distance runs which shows how well the training has been. When it started I was finding it hard enough getting out for 6 mile runs a couple of times a week let alone feeling held back for not being allowed to go for 14, 16 or 18 miles on a weekly basis. The fundraising has been going well and so far iots a little over £ 400 and im sure that will increase if not before the big day then hopefully when people are watching it on telly, always a good reminder. Working on the rehab guide has been ok so far plenty of others contacting me for links which is all going to be helpfull in Google search results for the future. Both kids here today so no time to get back on the work till they are both in bed and fast asleep. May it come quickly :)

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